Hortus Updonensis; or a Catalogue of Stove and Green-house Plants in Dr. Fothergill's Gardon at UPTON, at the Time of his Decease [1780] 1784
John Coakley Lettsom

Rosa.b Icosand. Polygynia.   Gen. 631. Sp. 703  
     indica G     China Rose
bCambang Marrer, M.

"Cambang Marrer" is presumably a local Malay name. Apparently this rose was fragrant, and possibly Rosa laevigata.

The Poison Tree: Selected Writings of Rumphius
"Name. In Latin: Sampacca. In Malay: Tsjampacca, which the Portuguese write Champacca; in Javanese: Champe and Cambang which, generally speaking, means a sweet-scenting flower, and thus it is called by the Indian-Portuguese with a Hindostani word: Fula Champacca; the Dutch in Batavia call it Orange-flowers because of its color, and Whore-flowers after its use.

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