Breeding Anthuriums in Hawaii (1996) p. 69
Haruyuki Kamemoto, Adelheid R. Kuehnle


Anthurium amnicola, a miniature species from Panama, with its unique lavender spathe and purple spadix (Dressier 1978, 1980), has provided a new color spectrum in anthuriums. Several interspecific hybrids involving this species have been produced (Fig. 6.3).

Marutani et al. (1987) identified two anthocyanins from both the spathe and spadix of A. amnicola: cyanidin 3-rutinoside and peonidin 3-rutinoside. The former occurred in much larger amounts than the latter. Pelargonidin 3-rutinoside was not detected. Because cyanidin 3-rutinoside (magenta) and peonidin 3-rutinoside (pink) are present in A. amnicola, the lavender to purple color is probably influenced by copigmentation and pH of plant tissues.

Fig 6.3. Purple spathe.