The Year in Trees: Superb Woody Plants for Four-season Garden op. 143 (1995)
Kim E. Tripp, J. C. Raulston

The amazing Prunus subhirtella 'Autumnalis' flowers delicately throughout the fall and winter , almost as if it is warming up for its more intense display in spring. Deep rose buds open to soft pink blossoms which turn almost white before fading. The fall and winter flower open sporadically throughout the canopy, as if a subtle designer had strategically placed just the right touch of color against a dark frame. Spring brings a more exuberant display, in tune with all the flowering trees in the spring garden, but the special quality of this tree lies in finding its branches decorated in pink above the sparkle of a light winter snow.

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Prunus subhirtella or Edo higan, is the scientific name for one of the wild species of cherry trees native to Japan, and is also the name given to the cultivars derived from this species. The scientific name for the hybrid between this species and Prunus incisa is Prunus x subhirtella. Historically, the Japanese have produced many cultivars from this wild species, and they are also called weeping cherry, autumn cherry, or winter-flowering cherry, because of the characteristics of each cultivar.

CybeRose note: The winter cherry is properly called Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis'