Tilotson's Journal of Horticulture 3: 147 (March 1868)

D. S. Heffron

THE Early Rose is a seedling of the Garnet Chili, that originated with Albert Bresee, Esq., in 1861.

The stalk is stout, erect, of medium height; the tuber is quite smooth, nearly cylindrical, varying to flattish, largest at the centre, tapering gradually towards each end; eyes shallow, sharp, and strongly marked; skin thin, tough, of a dull rose-color; flesh white, solid, brittle, and rarely hollow; boils through quickly; is very mealy, firm; abundance of starch, and of the best quality for the table. It is as healthy and productive as the Early Goodrich, matures about ten days earlier, and is its superior for the table.

I consider it the most promising very early potato with which I am acquainted, and I have tried nearly all the early sorts of the country.

Though I have nearly the whole stock of this potato, having disposed of a few only, I shall have none to spare until next fall.