Experiment Station Record, 30: 144 (1914)

On some hybrids of Vitis vinifera and V. berlandieri, GARD
(IV. Conf. Internat. Génétique Paris, Compt. Rend, et Raps., 1911, pp. 395, 396).

In studying a number of hybrid forms of V. berlandieri X V. vinifera raised from seed of V. berlandieri it was observed with regard to the stem that the hairy character of the maternal parent and also the glabrous character of most varieties of V. vinifera occurred among the hybrids) together with a large number of intermediate forms. Transverse sections of the stem show that the structure is sometimes intermediate between the two parents and sometimes nearer that of V. vinifera. Most generally certain characters of the liber and of the secondary wood, and especially those of the primary wood, are nearer V. vinifera. In the roots, on the other hand, these characters are nearer the other parent and are in accordance with the power of resistance to phylloxera and the excellent qualities as stocks possessed by these hybrids.