Gardners’ Chronicle, p. 290 (October 24, 1903)

Grafting as a Means of Modifying the Habits of Plants.— M. Lucien Daniel's researches concerning the modifications that can be induced in the habits of plants by grafting, and that have been communicated to the Comptes Rendus for May 11, 1903, are thus summed up:— 1. Grafting the annual parts of perennial plants upon suitable perennials modifies the existence of these annual parts and prolongs their blooming season (Composites). 2. Grafting perennials on annuals in some climates may render the stock persistent (Giant Tobacco). 3. The nature of the plants and the swelling of the graft are of great importance as regarde the extent of these phenomena. 4. Grafting does not in all cases ensure the unmodified preservation of the characteristics of the graft or of the stock; it sometimes considerably alters these characteristics. C. Bonnier, in "Botanisches Centralblatt," No. 26, 1903.

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