Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, pp. 510-511 (1903)

*Comptes Rendus, cxxxvi. (1903) pp. 1157-9.

Modification of Habit by Grafting.*—L. Daniel, continuing his investigations on this subject, records the following conclusions. In the case of Composites the grafting of annual parts of herbaceous plants on appropriate herbaceous stocks may modify the period of duration and prolong the flowering season of the graft. The grafting of an herbaceous plant on an annual plant may prolong the life of the latter. Thus Solanum pubigerum was grafted on the giant tobacco, an annual in the French climate. The plants showed vigorous growth after producing flowers and fruit during a considerable portion of the winter. The grafting operation often effects a considerable change in the characters of the graft or the stock, thus enabling the grower to produce flowers or fruits out of the usual season, as well as demonstrating the plasticity of the species under the influence of sudden variations in its environment.

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