Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Society, Volume 7 (1875)
Verbal Provincialisms of South-Western Devonshire
By W. Pengelley

Halliwell"BEAT. Peat. Devon." "Beat-Burning. Denshering." "Burnbeking. Denshering land, burning turf for its improvement. 'Mr. Beshop of Merton first brought into the south of Wiltshire the improvement by burnbeking, Denshering, about 1639. Aubrey's Wilts, Royal Soc. MS. p. 287.'"
10. [See Biddix in Miss Fox's List. W. P.]

"Beating Mattock" is used about Ashburton; and "Beater," about Torquay.
Barnes"Beat-plough. A turf-cutting tool, consisting of a broad blade with a T-frame, and driven by a man's breast."
Mon. Mag."Beet-axe. The instrument used in betting ground, in burn-beeting, or denshiring."

becca (Old English): mattock