Journal of Horticulture and Cottage Gardener, p 183 (March 2, 1892)

Urceocharis Clibrani


When a few flowers of this interesting hybrid were exhibited, under the name of Eucharis Clibrani, at a meeting of the Royal Horticultural Society last year by Messrs. W. Clibran & Sons, Oldfield Nurseries, Altrincham, a doubt as to what should be the correct designation of the plant was expressed. The raisers inform us that the plant is the result of a cross between Eucharis grandiflora (better known as E. amazonica) and Urceolina pendula, and on the suggestion of Dr. M. T. Masters, F.R.S., it has been named Urceocharis Clibrani.

The character of the flower will be seen by referring to the engraving (fig. 38) which has been prepared from a small specimen sent to us by Messrs. Clibran. The individual flowers, as will be noted, bear a resemblance to both parents. They are borne in umbels on strong stalks similar to the Eucharis, and, unlike the Urceolina, are erect on first expanding, drooping slightly when past their best. Being pure white and extremely beautiful in appearance, the flowers will prove invaluable for decorative purposes, and when a stock of the plant has been prepared it will, no doubt, be extensively grown. The leaves are broad and as vigorous as those of the Eucharis.