X Sydneya morrisii Traub

X Sydneya morrisii Traub, bigeneric hybrids of Habranthus immaculatus Traub and Zephyranthes bifolia (Aublet) Roemer, produced by Katherine L. Clint. Note Zephyranthes bifolia in lower left corner.

Hanburyana 5: 37–46 (2011)
Nomenclature of intergeneric hybrids of Zephyranthes
J. C. David

[Traub] designated ×C. lancastrae as the “type” of his new genus ×Sydneya, stating the parents to be Z. brazosensis (the name Traub used for Z. chlorosolen) and Habranthus tubispathus, an error he subsequently corrected (Traub, 1958). Traub provided the combination ×S. lancasterae (Percy-Lanc.) Traub, which Howard (1990) transferred to ×Coobranthus, taking Percy-Lancaster’s statement of the parentage (see above) at face value.