The Garden: An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening 41: 309 (Oct 1, 1892)
The Scarborough Lily (Vallota purpurea)
A. Nix, Mount Charles, Truro.

The interesting letter of "Plantsman" on the Vallota purpurea in your issue of 24th ult. induces me to write a few lines on the subject. I have for many years cultivated this handsome bulb, and have raised a considerable number of seedlings in the hope of obtaining a variety, but without success till last year and this. Out of a batch of seedlings the seed of which was sown, I think, in 1889, I had one plant last year of a different colour to the usual type, a flower of which I sent to you for inspection. This year from the same batch I have flowered four, which are more decidedly distinct in colour, besides some which are of a darker shade of the ordinary colour. To obtain this seed I used the pollen of the Belladonna Lily, but though the colour of the flowers suggests the cross, there is no difference in the habit of the seedlings or in the shape of their flowers from those of the Vallota, so that I am reluctant to believe in the cross. I have still a few bulbs which have not yet flowered.