Brunsvigia species nova

'Brunsvigia sp nova habitat' - Small species native to the northern part of Northern Cape Province, South Africa, on dry rocky hill slopes in close proximity to the Orange River.  In the natural habitats, bulbs receive morning sun and is shaded by rocks in the afternoon.

'Brunsvigia sp nova growing in rock crevices' - In the natural habitat, bulbs grow in shallow soil depressions among rock debris and are therefore easily dug out by baboons for food.  It is found that only bulbs which grow in rock crevices can get away from being consumed by the baboons. This photo was taken in November (late Spring/early Summer in  the Northern Cape) when bulbs start to die back.  Given a good rain shower in late Winter, bulbs would flower in late Spring.  B. sp nova is a winter-growing, summer-dormant species.  Considering that it hails from a sem-arid region, bulbs should avoid over-watering even though they are in active growth.  Bulbs prefer a medium of mixed coarse rock chips and sand.  In cultivation, bulbs should avoid direct afternoon sunlight.

Dennis Tsang (April 23, 2007)
Hong King

Dennis Tsang (April 18, 2007)
Hong Kong

Dennis Tsang (18 May 2003)
Hong Kong