Bot. Mag. vol. 13, t. 3771

( 3771 )

Class and Order.

Generic Character.

Perianthium declinatum, tubo infra abbreviato, membrana fasciali non annulari, limbo quater dispare. Scapus spathaceus cavus. Capsula trivalvis. Semina testa nigra. Herb.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

Fig. 1. Tube of the Perianth laid open to show the insertion of the Stamens: nat. size.

HIPPEASTRUM solandriflorum; 2—4-florum, perianthio infundibulari subregulari, tubo gracillimo intus nudo limbo multo longiore, stigmate obtuse trilobo. Lindl.
HIPPEASTRUM solandriflorum. Herb. Amaryll. p. 136.
AMARYLLIS solandræflora. Lindl. Collect. t. 11. Spreng.Syst. Veget. v. 2. p. 51.
(β.) striatum; flore 2—10-unciali, extus obscure rubro-lineata, tubo 3—4 1/2 uncia longo. Bot. Mag. t. 2573. Herb. l. c.
(γ.) rubritubum; flore viridescenti-albo, tubo purpureo-rubro. Herb. l. c.
(δ.) conspicuum; flore 10 1/2 uncias longo, extus obscure rubro-striato, tubo purpureo-rubro. Herb. l. c.— b. vittata. Bot. Reg. t. 876.

Among the many interesting plants sent by Mr. SCHOMBURGK to our gardens from British Guiana, were bulbs of the present truly noble plant, which were gathered in his late adventurous voyage up the Berbice, and received by his Grace the Duke of BEDFORD. They flowered in the stove at Woburn, in May, 1839, and proved to be the very same form of HIPPEASTRUM solandrflorum which is figured by Dr. LINDLEY in his "Collectanea Botanica." Mr. HERBERT, indeed, considers that the leaves are narrower and the stigmas shorter and smaller, but on comparing the two figures very little difference will be found.

DESCR. Bulb broadly ovate, brown. Leaves rather narrow, ligulate, keeled below, blunt at the apex, about a foot long. Scape two feet high, terete, somewhat angled above, in our specimen two-flowered. Spatha of two acuminated leaves, soon withering. Pedicels short, curved. Flowers drooping, very large. Perianth eight to ten inches long. Tube very long, slender, pale green; the limb somewhat spreading: the segments oblong, rather acute, dingy sulphur, or cream-coloured, greenish at the middle of the back. Stamens rather unequal, shorter than the style. Filaments arising from the top of the tube, monadelphous at the base, white. Anthers oblong, yellow. Germen oval, triangular. Style shorter than the stamens. Stigma small, of three obtuse lobes.