Richard Diener Nursery Plant, Seed & Bulb Grower Catalog, Oxnard, CA (1937)


I have given quite a bit of my time to the development and improvement of Amaryllis. I have been able to produce large flowers, faster and healthier growing plants than have heretofore been obtainable. It has also been possible to develop these flowers to the point where they will bloom several times a year. You may contrast this with the older varieties which are slow growing and bloom but once a year.

Some years ago I found some of my seedlings had flowered not only in the period of February to May but again during the summer. These were used for further breeding, and the present stock has been entirely made up from those seedlings which had flowered more than once during the year. The next development was for size. This spring some of the blooms measured sixteen inches across the flower. Many of our bulbs are flowering as much as three and even four times a year. If you should be a visitor in our nursery any time during the year you may see Amaryllis in flower. The main flowering season is still from February to May. We have over 100,000 flowering sized bulbs growing, which continually develop the year round. These bulbs can be shipped any time during the year.

In cold climates where there are no greenhouses or facilities to keep them growing, the bulbs may be dried up in the fall and re-potted in good rich soil about the end of November or first part of December. They should then be put in a window where they may get some sunlight and be free from frost. By keeping them in a living-room of average warmth, they should flower during the winter within five or six weeks after planting. Our Amaryllis may be considered an entirely different strain from the average variety on the market. It grows faster, flowers more often and brings larger flowers. We have had many visitors to our nursery who say that the colors of our flowers are more vivid and brilliant than those they had seen of the Florida strain.

Where the ground does not freeze, our Amaryllis may be planted in the open. It is best to plant them on the south side of the house, although they will grow in the shade of a tree where the climate generally is quite warm. Our variety differs from the pink or Belladonna variety (which grows with the bulb under the ground) in that our bulbs are above the ground with only the roots in the soil. A well-fertilized soil and plenty of water are essential to raising large flowers.

Few people realize that our Amaryllis are so easy to grow. They may be grown outside during the summer and taken indoors during the winter. It is a tremendous joy to flower lovers to bring into bloom during the winter an Amaryllis with a flower 8 to 10 inches in diameter.

Due to our large stock, we are in a position to make our prices especially low. Extra fine bulbs may be had for as little as one dollar each. There are many special fancy and rare varieties that sell at slightly higher prices.

The Equestris Hybrids are nearly the same size as the Mammoth Hybrids. Their colors run more to the various shades of pink and orange with some salmon and copper colors. All these may be found in the seeds. Bulbs of the copper and salmon shades are not available except during the months of March and April. At the present time our marked stock of these colors has been entirely exhausted, and it will not be until the spring flowering that we will again be in a position to set aside additional stock.