Jour. Roy. Hort. Soc. (1951) p. 370

No account of Nerine will be complete without a reference to the interesting hybrid Nerine X Fletcheri. This intergeneric hybrid between Nerine and Amaryllis Belladonna was made by W. H. B. Fletcher of Bognor in 1926. It flowered for the first time in 1942, I examined the plant at Highdown and found it to be a diploid (2n = 22). Its pollen sterility is as high as 96 per cent. This cross is easy to make and it has been repeated at Wisley. It thus opens up new possibilities in Nerine breeding.

Gardeners Chronicle 164: 90 (1968)

An excellent selection of cultivars were brought together, amongst which I was most interested to see the newly described x Amarine tubergenii 'Fletcheri'. This cross between Nerine bowdenii and Amaryllis belladonna was first made 35 years ago by Mr. W. H. R. Fletcher of Bognor, Sussex, and received a Preliminary Commendation in 1932.

There seems to have been some doubts about its true parentage, and I would refer interested readers to the October, 1968 issue of the RHS Journal, wherein the history of this plant is discussed and a full Latin diagnosis of the new intergeneric name is given.

The Garden 126: 714 (2001)

x Amarine tubergenii. This hybrid was created with pollen from Nerine bowdenii. The resulting plant, which produces leaves and flowers together, closely resembles a nerine, and, like them, it must have summer moisture to flower.
Like their pollen parents, the above two bigeneric hybrids are summer-growing in Britain; they do not need to be kept dry during summer, unlike their other parent, Amaryllis.

Cotswold Garden Flowers

x Amarine 'Fletcheri'